CD production, duplication, or CD pressing what to choose?

CDs were first introduced to the music market in 1980. They were responsible for the fall in disuse of vinyl records and cassettes.

In turn, with the arrival of online music purchase platforms and digital streaming platforms, CDs have also fallen significantly out of use, greatly reducing their number of sales.
Currently, the production of CDs is still a source of some income for smaller bands, but which have groups of cohesive and unconditional fans in support of their favorite artists.

But, do you know what the process of producing a CD is?

After all the music production is ready and the mixing and mastering are complete, it’s time to decide important questions about the production of your work on CD.
There are two main ways to do this, by duplicating CD-R and CD pressing.
CD-R duplication is a faster and cheaper process as it aims to re-record the original audio, as many times as necessary.
CD pressing ends up becoming more time consuming and expensive process as it consists of industrial multiplication of the original master. You can learn more about CD production here.

For many bands, the sale of CDs, together with concerts, are the biggest source of monetization of their work. However, in this year of 2020, due to the pandemic that we live in, many bands have seen their concerts canceled and the opportunities to sell their CDs, which often took place before or after each concert, have also become extinct.

As we know that CDs are still a strong component for bands to publicize their work and strengthen their connections with their fans, at Branditmusic, we decided to update our packs for bands, reducing prices and the minimum quantities for the production of pressed CDs. In this way, we can ensure that your music reaches your fans more easily.
If you want to know more about our packs or clarify any doubts, please send us an email to [email protected]