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Cordiala – First Car

Cordiala’s new single “First Car” is now available on digital platforms.

“First Car” is the opening single of “Carmina”, the band’s first EP.

Cordiala got together in 2019 and since then released their first single “It Started in the Water” in August of the same year and are now preparing the release of their first EP “Carmina”.

The band joins Kat on drums and Ben on vocals and all of the band’s songs are written, composed and produced by them.

In “First Car” the “teenager daring and vulnerability is evident with a retro soundscape a hairsbreadth of pop, zigzagging along the secondary road framed with pine needles and pine cones, in the waking dream of someone who almost smells freedom and the warm touch of steering wheel’s skin under the handle”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Cordiala by listening to their latest single “First Car”. Available on digital platforms.