At Branditmusic we recognise the importance of Digital Marketing actions that should accompany the release of your work.

We developed a service especially focused on artists who want to stand out in today’s music scene.

In our Digital Marketing Service we plan, create and develop the best strategy for your project’s release.

We follow and thoroughly evaluate all our actions so that your project can reach as many people as possible.

Our Service

Digital Distribution

  • Music upload on stream and sales platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more than 100 DSPs)
  • Profile Verification;
  • Add tour dates.
Social Media Ads

  • Conducting ads campaigns on social media;
  • Campaign setup;
  • Ads for digital platforms;
  • Audience definition for artist promotion to the right public.
Presence in the digital world

  • Analysis of the digital world presence;
  • Recommendations for new audiences;
  • Proposals to optimize digital world presence including social media.
Digital Marketing Plan

  • Creative help while planning the campaign for albums, singles or EPs releases;
  • Press release;
  • Report with all the activities and their timelines.
Social Media

  • Social Media analysis;
  • Social Media presence optimization through posts and bio creation.
Campaign Implementation

  • We offer a full service that can also combined with other services offered by Branditnext;
  • Tailored to the needs and requirements of each artist.


Whether you just want to give a shout out or are looking to start a project, feel free to email & we'll quickly be in touch.

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