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Jorge Ferraz – Colonial Wars

“Colonial Wars”, an album by Jorge Ferraz, is now available on digital platforms.

Jorge Ferraz is a guitarist, composer and producer with more than 30 years of career. Over his career, he released, integrated into bands, 6 albums and two EP’s of originals and a compilation album, as well as several themes in several collections of Portuguese music. In 2014, in the commemorative edition of Blitz magazine’s 30th anniversary, he was considered one of the best 30 Portuguese guitarists of the last 30 years.

“Colonial Wars” is a double album, composed of 27 themes, mostly instrumental.

Sonorously “Colonial Wars” explores the rock “heritages of a free-jazz that fell in love with broken and infantile rhythms, a playful noise and goodbye songs, along with sparse, environmental guitars, fragmented as dreams interrupted momentarily by voices speak to us outside; evocations of Jamaican dub and African and Latin American sounds imagined and consciously not authentic; the realm of ill-behaved fuzz and delusional delay.”

The album “Colonial Wars” also has the collaboration of Ondina Vaz on voices and texts by Federico Garcia Lorca, Vladimir Maiakovski, Antonin Artaud and the Book of Revelations (13: 1-18), the Book of the Apocalypse.

Listen to this album now. Available on digital platforms.