José Conde Barroso – Meu Livre Mar, Maresia

José Conde Barroso’s latest single “Meu Livre Mar, Maresia” is already available on digital streaming platforms.

The poem with the same name is one of many written by the singer’s father in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century. In the words of the singer: “One of the simplest, lightest (…) and most beautiful poems (…) of the two books of poetry written by my father.”

The poem addresses the poet’s deep love for the sea and everything that concerns him. “Whoever knew my father knows that his life, his personality and his interest (and love) in everything that surrounded him had a great ‘root’ in the sea (…)”.

This poem, which began to be played by José Conde Barroso over 30 years ago, is now available to be heard on all digital streaming platforms.