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Karyna Gomes – N’NA

You can already find on digital platforms the second work of originals by Karyna Gomes “N’NA. “N’NA” is the successor of “Mindjer” (2014) and reaches the general public on a very special date that marks the independence of Guinea-Bissau. “N’NA” is a Kavi Music edition.

The album “N’NA” follows a more pop and electronic sound: “I fled from labels and present my more danceable side, my faith, and my freedom. The earthside is and will always be present, but it gained a new look and modernity through the rhythms “Afro-pop” and “dancehall”.”

With “N’NA” Karyna Gomes intends to “contribute to the movement that seeks more openness in the global musical universe, as well as enjoying a certain status of the matrix that is Africa.”

Listen to the latest album by Karyna Gomes. Available on digital platforms.