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Playlist Branditmusic – André Simão

The musical choices of this week’s Branditmusic playlist are the responsibility of André Simão.

André Simão is a multi-instrumentalist, well known on the Portuguese music scene. He participated in musical projects such as The Astonishing Urbana Fall, White Haus, Dear Telephone and, more recently, as part of the band Sensible Soccers.

This week, André Simão prepared a playlist with some of his favorite songs. Discover our new playlist and keep these 10 songs for ten flying birds.

1 Eden Talk Talk
2 Mad Summer Joe Hisaishi
3 Wildlife Carla Bley
3 Alexia John Carrol Kirby
5 Colombia Jan Hammer
6 Human Nature Miles Davis
7 The deer in the forest part I Arthur Russell
8 Computer incantations for world peace Jean-Luc Ponty
9 Que amor não me engana II António Pinho Vargas
10 Slip Away Pat Metheny