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Playlist Branditmusic – Daniel Pereira Cristo

The last playlist of this edition of Branditmusic Playlists is the responsibility of Daniel Pereira Cristo.

Daniel Pereira Cristo is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Braga, Portugal who has dedicated his musical career to Portuguese music and musical instruments. He has been a member of the musical group Origem Tradicional from an early age and, over the past few years, he has established himself in his solo career being distinguished with several awards.

Its repertoire includes partnerships with artists such as Ana Bacalhau, João Só, Tatanka, Gisela João among many others.

Get to know the playlist that Daniel Pereira Cristo prepared for this week’s edition of Branditmusic Playlist. Listen now to these 10 songs from the richness of World Music.

1 Dantza Con Noivos Kepa Junkera, Julio Pereira
2 The Teacher Paul Simon
3 M’aa Kiana Gerald Toto, Richard Bona, Lokua Kanza
3 Nanatsu Berrogüetto
5 Cantiga Bailada Xícara
6 Tirióni Brigada Victor Jara, Manuela Azevedo
7 Picao La Musgaña
8 Les Ondes Orientales Dhafer Youssef
9 True Story Ibrahim Maalouf
10 D’Gary Jam Béla Fleck, D’Gary, Oumou Sangaré (…)