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Rita Guerra ft. João Paulo Rodrigues – Por Mim

The most recent single by Rita Guerra “Por Mim” is now available on digital platforms, which also has the special participation of João Paulo Rodrigues.

The single “Por Mim” is produced and composed by Diogo Guerra, with the collaboration of Rita Guerra and Ivo Lucas on the lyrics, Kaysha and João Carrasqueira on the music, and the partnership of Rui Carvalho on the production.

The idea of the partnership that is now reaching the general public came from Rita Guerra after participating in The Masked Singer program, in which both participated.

The result of this partnership is the duet “Por Mim” which is now available on digital platforms. “Por Mim” is a Kavi Music edition.

Rita Guerra is one of the greatest Portuguese voices, having recorded her first album at the age of 22. Since then, she has been a resident singer at Casino Estoril, represented Portugal at Eurovision Song Contest, and did dubbing for dozens of Disney films. During her career, she recorded countless partnerships with Portuguese artists and also recorded duets with Ronan Keating and Michael Bolton.