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Sensible Soccers – Cantiga da Ponte

The latest Sensible Soccers single “Cantiga da Ponte” is now available on digital platforms.

“Cantiga da Ponte” is the opening theme of “Manoel”, the band’s fourth LP. The theme was created to accompany the opening snippet of “Douro, Faina Fluvial”, the first film by Manoel de Oliveira. “Cantiga da Ponte” is “a kind of visual poem centered on the Douro River with the Ponte D. Luís in the main role”.

Sonically in “Cantiga da Ponte” Sensible Soccers brings the elements that are characteristic and emblematic to them, such as the transmuted bass, the percussions, also joining the piano, transversal flutes, and saxophones. The theme “takes the form of a song lacy, nostalgic and emotional, with a trova-like feel and an almost erudite flavour.”

The first presentation of “Manoel” will take place on September 19th at 7 pm at Auditório do Museu Serralves, in a cine-concert format, as part of the commemorations of the 90th anniversary of “Douro, Faina Fluvial” promoted by Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira. The LP “Manoel” arrives on digital platforms on October 1st.

Listen to the single “Cantiga da Ponte”. Available on digital platforms.