Três Tristes Tigres – Mínima Luz

It’s now available on the digital streaming platforms and on CD, the new Três Tristes Tigres album, “Mínima Luz”.

This is the work that marks the return of the Portuguese duo after the edition of the “Comum” work in 1998.

This long-awaited work was composed by Alexandre Soares and Ana Deus and has the participation of several musicians and also features poems by Regina Guimarães, Luca Argel and Ana Deus, as well as adapted translations of poems by William Blake and Langston Hughes.

The album “Mínima Luz”, comes to us, after the release of the singles “Língua Franca”, “À Tona” and “Galanteio”.

At the end of May, a vinyl record with this work will be released.

Listen this new the album by Três Tristes Tigres on digital streaming platforms.