Your music on Spotify Playlists

Currently distributing music to digital streaming platforms, such as Spotify, is essential for your music to be heard and known by a greater number of people.

At Branditmusic we digitally distribute your music to over 100 platforms in a totally legal and reliable way. One of the platforms with the largest number of users is Spotify and, therefore, deserves particular attention for those who want to stand out in the current music scene.

When you digitally distribute your work with Branditmusic you are allowed to access the Spotify For Artists platform. This is a platform completely focused on artists and that gives you access to some tools to promote your work.

Did you know that on Spotify For Artists you can suggest your songs for playlists? So you make your music heard by the Spotify editors.

You just have to follow these steps:

Spotify For Artists provides a form to fill in, where you choose the song you want to see selected for playlists. You must bear in mind that the process must be carried out 7 days before its official launch.

– You can only choose one song per release! Each time you make an official release, Spotify only lets you choose a song to include in playlists.

– If you are going to release an album or an EP you must select the track that you think best defines you as an artist, or that best represents your work.

– Next, you’ll have to select the musical genre and three sub-genres that your music fits into. This is an important step. Your choices will define the playlists that your music best fits.

– In the following steps, you will have to define the language of the lyrics of your music, the mood of your sound, and also which instruments are predominant. All of this will help Spotify define the best playlists to include your music.

– In the last step of the form, you will have to describe your launch in the best possible way. You have 500 characters to convince Spotify editors to put your music on their playlists.

– When you submit the request, you have until the day before the release to make any changes to your information.

After the launch, on Spotify For Artists, you will have access to the performance of your songs and you will also have access to the playlists in which your works are inserted.